Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill

Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill
Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill (click images to enlarge)

Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill

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Manufacturer Description

Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill Revamp your training with the 1410 Treadmill. A full-color touch screen display screen with web browser powered by Android delivers the supreme inspiration so you can train better than ever. Go online, upgrade your condition and connect to iFit for unlimited exercises. Google Maps and HD video exercises deliver remarkable views and variety while the slope or decrease of the deck auto-adjusts to simulate the surface of your path. At the heart of the Zigtech 1410 Treadmill is an effective 4.25 CHP motor created for peaceful, stable performance that runs for miles at a time and years to come. An extra-long deck gives you room to stretch your stride. Adding to your convenience, ZigTech cushioning lowers impact on your joints and helps guard against injuries. QuickStep manages change your speed, slope and decrease at a touch, while an impressive iPod-compatible stereo brings your playlist to life. With 36 workout apps built-in, the Reebok Zigtech 1410 Treadmill functions a lot of options for personalized physical fitness that delivers results.

Reebok 1410 Treadmill
Reebok 1410 Console
The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill
Reebok ZigTech 1410 Console with 7" Full Color Touch Display

Features and Specifications:

Reebok 1410 SpaceSaver
SpaceSaver Design with Easy-Lift Assist
  • 3.5 CHP Commercial Plus Motor:Reinforce your workout with broadened power. The Commercial Plus Motor utilizes direct cooling, a self-cooling procedure that extends the motor's life and allows you to work out for longer time periods. The is likewise spin-balanced, making it among our best, quietest motors to this day.
  • ZigTech Cushioning: ZigTech cushioning includes peaceful, softness and versatility to the running deck. It's created to lower impact on your joints for better convenience and fewer injuries.
  • 7" Full Color Touch Display: Reconnect with your goals during your workout-- track your speed, time range, calories and pulse to stay on top of your training. This attractive touch screen allows you to see your training stats with the basic touch of a finger.
  • Browser Powered by Android: Read e-mail, enjoy sports highlights, get on Facebook and more! This browser connects to your wireless network so you can get online while you exercise.
  • 2 HD Video Workouts: Inspire and encourage yourself with incredible views of the spectacular Haleakala and lovely Hana, Hawaii. A personal trainer coaches you through every workout, and your slope and decrease immediately adapt to match the surface.
  • 36 Workout Apps:Reach your physical fitness goals fast with 36 workout apps. Developed by a Certified Personal Trainer, the time and resistance of each workout are predetermined so you enjoy optimal results!
  • iFit Enabled Console: Reinvent your training with iFit Technology. Online physical fitness tracking, exercises powered by Google Maps, occasion training, video exercises-- these devices and more aid you maximize your training and reach your physical fitness goals.
  • 0-12 MPH QuickStep Speed Control:Rethink your training-- alter the speed of the treadmill to maximize your results. With QuickStep Speed Control, you can quickly change the speed to burn more calories, increase cardio or cool off.
  • -3-- 15 % QuickStep Incline and Decline Control: Rediscover a low-impact, high intensity workout! With QuickStep Incline and Decline Control, quickly change the slope and decrease to burn more calories, lose more weight and target various muscle groups for incredible results.
  • Dual-Grip AccuRate Heart Rate Monitor with Polar Chest Pulse Strap: Real results are yours with this built-in, dual-grip heart rate display! Now, you'll remain in your target heart rate zone for better training. The Reebok Zigtech 1410 consists of the Polar Wireless Chest Pulse Strap, providing constant reading to the console.
  • 20" x 60" 2-Ply Treadbelt: Relax and extend your stride on this generous, 20" x 60" tread belt. Two layers are woven for maximum toughness with lubricant in the fibers to minimize upkeep and put on.
  • SpaceSaver Design with EasyLift Assist:Reclaim your workout area with this ingenious SpaceSaver Design and EasyLift Assist! Quickly fold the treadmill up and out of the way to make the most of your physical fitness room.
  • CoolAire Workout Fan:Enjoy a refreshing breeze of cool air with this built-in workout fan. Conveniently change the settings to remain comfortable while you train.
  • Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System: Plug your iPod into the Intermix Accoustics 3.0 Sound System and enjoy incredible sound through 3" speakers.
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod: Get encouraged with your favorite power music!
  • 375 lb. Weight Capacity:The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill accommodates approximately 375 lbs.
  • Warranty:This Reebok treadmill is secured with a Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, a 5-Year Parts Warranty and a 2-Year Labor Warranty.
  • Footprint: 81.5"L x 37.5"W x 75.5"H

Reebok 1410 Zig Tech Cushioning
The Reebok ZigTech 1410 Treadmill with ZigTech Cushioing

Reebok ZigTech Treadmills

ZigTech 710
ZigTech 910
ZigTech 1410
ZigTech 1910
iFit Technology
Yes, Compatible *
Yes, Compatible *
Yes, Enabled
Yes, Enabled
Show Type
6" Backlit
7" Oversized Backlit
7" Full Color Touch Screen with Browser Powered by Android
10" Full Color Touch Screen with Browser Powered by Android
2.5 CHP Commercial
3.0 CHP Commercial Plus
3.5 CHP Commercial Plus
4.25 CHP Commercial Pro
Treadbelt Size
20" x 58"
20" x 60"
20" x 60"
20" x 60"
Built-In Workouts
36, Plus 2 HD Video Workouts
40, Plus 2 HD Video Workouts
Speed Adjusatbility
0 - 12 MPH
0 - 12 MPH
0 - 12 MPH
0 - 12 MPH
Slope Adjustability
0 - 12 degree slope 0 - 15 degree slope
-3 degree decrease - 15 degree slope -3 degree decrease - 15 degree slope
CoolAire Workout Fan Yes
Dual-Grip AccuRate Heart Rate Monitor
Yes, with Polar Wireless Chest Strap consisted of Yes, with Polar Wireless Chest Strap consisted of Yes, with Polar Wireless Chest Strap consisted of
SpaceSaver Design
Weight Capacity 325 lbs.
350 lbs
375 lbs.
400 lbs.
Warranty Lifetime Frame and Motor, 2 Year Parts and 1 Year Labor Lifetime Frame and Motor, 3 Year Parts and 1 Year Labor Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts and 2 Year Labor Lifetime Frame and Motor, 5 Year Parts and 2 Year Labor

* Requires iFit Wi-Fi Adapter. Wireless adapter sold individually.

Product Features

ZigTech Cushioning iFit Live Built In, Powered By Google Maps Digital Quick Incline - Decline Control -3% - 15% Goal Training (Time, Distance, Calories, Pace) Lifetime Frame & Motor Warranty, 5 Year Parts & 2 Year Labor Warranty

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