The great thing about Proform is that they sell treadmills to fit any budget. Prices range from $399 to $3999. You can choose a basic model or something more refined if you are an avid runner. Most Proform treadmills can be folded up. Proform's newer treadmill belts are very well cushioned to deflect shock. Some of the more expensive models even let you disable the cushioning to simulate outdoor training. Proform service warranties vary a ton. A marathon treadmill can cover parts for up to 6 years. Some budget friendly models however only come with a 90-day labor warranty so make certain you do your homework before you decide to purchase one of these Proform treadmills. Check out our top Proform treadmill deals below.
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The ProForm home treadmill brand name is produced by ICON Health and Fitness. ICON Fitness is a company based out of Utah that focuses on manufacturing fitness equipment. The ProForm brand name has improved substantially over the past several years. They have improved so much that the Proform treadmill is the established treadmill of the Boston Marathon.

ProForm has various treadmill lines for 2016. The Power Series includes treadmills that run from $999 to $1999. Steeper inclines are included in the PRO Series and the Boston Marathon Series. Boston Marathon Treadmills are ProForm's most advanced machines. These are meant for athletes who run for hours at a time.